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TCA : Annual Registration for 2018 Season
Hi Bay Area avid cricket enthusiasts and players,

On behalf of all the TCA Bay Area volunteers, we would like to thank all of you for your amazing support and participation in TCA Bay Area in the year 2017. Overall it was great year and we really appreciate all the support we got from the entire community. Without your consistent and unwavering support we would not have had a successful 2017.
That being said as of today we are starting registration process for TCA Bay Area Chapter for the year 2018. We are committed to provide reserved grounds for all the officially scheduled TCABA Games for TCABA 2018 events.

Our annual fees are decided based on multiple factors such as- Grounds, Insurance, trophies, Finals expenses, website etc. If logistically possible, TCABA might plan to conduct one or more All-Star games and may also plan to conduct charity games/event.

Following are the registration details:
Registration start date: Friday, January 5, 2018.
Registration end date: Sunday January 28, 2018.
Tentative start date: Saturday February 17, 2018
Maximum Teams: 48*
*Maximum number of teams per tournament.

Note: Any registration request after the registration deadline date will be accommodated based on logistics possibilities and the teams will be subject to additional $50 payment at the time of the official registration payment to TCABA. All the fees must be paid by the deadlines mentioned on this event page.

Teams can choose to participate in selective tournaments. Below are the details about each tournament.
2018 League Championship :$650
Feb end to May end
Tentative Start Date: February 17, 2018
20 over games, 1 Round robin round
Approximately 7 round robin games and 1 ranking game guaranteed, followed by playoffs for the qualifying teams.

2018 Open Tournament : $750
May end to September
Tentative Start Date: May 12, 2018
20 over games, 2 round robin rounds
Approximately 11 games guaranteed, including ranking games, followed by playoffs for the qualifying teams.

2018 FLT: $350
Oct to Nov
Tentative Start Date: September 15, 2018
15 overs day and night games
4 games guaranteed, 2 morning and 2 evening, followed by playoffs for the qualifying teams.
2018 Winter League : $600
Nov to Feb end
Tentative Start Date: October 27, 2018
20 overs day games with split inning (10-10 over split innings)
Approximately 7 round robin games and 1 ranking game guaranteed, followed by playoffs for the qualifying teams.
Annual fees: $2000 (includes: League Championship, Open Tournament, FLT and Winter League)
We do encourage teams to participate for the duration of full year. It simplifies our ground requirements as well.
Approximate number of games per team per year: min 31 to max 40.

Annual fees without FLT: $1850
Approximate number of games per team per year: min 27 to max 36.

Annual fees without WL: $1700
Approximate number of games per team per year: min 23 to max 32.

NOTE: If a team drops out of the event after the registration passes than team will not get refund for that event. Teams will receive refunds after deduction of "per event" costs as mentioned here.

For any queries please free to drop email to below recipients with the subject as "TCA 2018 registration"
Sarang Samant: sarangsamant@gmail.com or TCA GC: bagames@tennisballcricket.com
All fields are mandatory unless specified.
- OR -
Please provide at least 3 contacts, including yourself.

Tennisball Cricket Association : Membership Agreement

I/We hereby agree that I/We have received, read and understand the provisions described in the membership plan and I/We acknowledge to be bound by these provisions thereof as the same may be amended from time to time by TCA, hereby knows as the association. I/We understand that the association does not give member equity of ownership interest or any other property interest in the association, or a vested prescriptive right or easement to use such facilities. The association reserves the right in its sole discretion to modify the membership plan and Rules and Regulations contained therein, including without limitations, the privileges of members, to reverse membership, to add, issue or modify any type, category or class of membership, to suspend/cancel membership as discussed under the provisions of membership plan. I/We understand that failure to abide by provisions of the membership plan will result in immediate termination/suspension of the offending party in accordance with the provisions. This membership agreement may not be amended or modified, nor shall any waiver of any provision hereof be effective, except by an instrument in writing executed by the undersigned on behalf of the association. The membership agreement shall be governed by and constructed and enforced in accordance with the laws of the State of California, without giving effect to principles of conflicts of law.

Tennisball Cricket Association : Waiver Agreement

Participation in athletics and recreation involves the risk of personal injury. The use of equipment, facilities, and premises of Tennisball Cricket Association by persons participating in athletic and recreation activities shall constitute acceptance of that risk, regardless of the nature of the injury. I/We agree that TCA, its office bearers, volunteers and agents shall not be held liable for any injury, loss or damage sustained or suffered by members participating in athletic or recreation activities as a result of participation in events organized by TCA. I/We promise to indemnify TCA including its officers, volunteers, sponsors, advertisers, and officials and hold it free from any claims of and related defense costs, including reasonable attorney fees arising out of my/our club presence or participation in any activity conducted by TCA. As a team representative I/We hereby acknowledge and accept that all the officially registered participating members of my team/club will be waiving their rights to medical coverage or compensation occurred during play or on field of play. I/We also acknowledge that all the individuals under the age of 18 will be required to sign a waiver and parental approval form before having individual(s) participate in any official or unofficial TCA game. I/We also acknowledge that any misconduct or violations of TCA Rules and Guidelines will result in appropriate penalties/ suspension for our team/ individuals as stated in the Appeals document and ratified by the Appeals committee. I/We agree to uphold the highest level of sportsmanship conduct while participating in any TCA events. I/We also authorize TCA to use any/all pictures, videos, photos taken during TCA events as deemed necessary by TCA for its promotional and marketing needs. By signing below you are confirming that you are of at least 18 years of age or older and are fully aware and are agreeing of the rules and regulations set forth by TCA.

Total amount to be paid: $0
* Includes the MERCHANT FEE to paid by TCA for accepting PayPal payments. Please refer to PayPal Fees document for more information.
Click on the PayPal button below to make your payment.
If you plan to send the amount separately, login to PayPal and send the amount to tcapaypal@tennisballcricket.com. Please use the Pay for goods or services option for sending the money. DO NOT use the Friends & Family option.
Please make the payment within 7 days of the registration.
Total amount to be paid: $0
Check should be addressed to Tennisball Cricket Association and should be mailed to-
870 Corriente Point Dr,
Redwood City, CA 94065

Please ensure the check is received within 7 days of the registration.
Alternatively, you can reach out to Chirag Patel or Rahul Ugale to hand over the check or cash in person.